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  1. SABnzbd 3.2.1 Deutsch: Dank des kostenlosen Tools SABnzbd können Sie das Usenet schnell und effizient nutzen und Dateien herunterladen
  2. Below this change the Owner from 'root' to your User (eg.Bob) (>this is the issue<). I then selected the Recursive option to apply to sub files and folders. Done. Now your Docker with have the file/folder permission by virtue of being the owner of the folders containing the volumes it needs to run Sabnzbd
  3. Some other software uses the port or SABnzbd is already running. I am launching everything from a docker-compose file, here is my config: sabnzbd: image: linuxserver/sabnzbd:latest container_name: sabnzbd restart: unless-stopped environment: - PGID=$ {PGID} - PUID=$ {PUID} - TZ=$ {TZ} volumes: - /docker/containers/sabnzbd/config:/config -.
  4. SABnzbd - The automated Usenet download tool. Contribute to sabnzbd/sabnzbd development by creating an account on GitHub
  5. Learn how to configure SABnzbd categories to automatically download to specific folders.The full guide can be viewed @ http://htpcbuild.com/software/sabnzbd/..
  6. SABnzbd läuft versteckt im Hintergrund und wird durch ein Web-Interface, auf das ihr über euren Browser zugreift. Im Konfigurationsmenü stehen unterschiedliche thematische Vorlagen zur Auswahl, die..

If you go to the SABnzbd linuxserver docker hub you'll see them listed under Application Setup. It really needs a giant warning and big bold letters to emphasize how important those GUI changes are, otherwise it appears to completely ignore what you set it to. I wouldn't be surprised if a large number of users end up with the files in their config folder and then just shrug their shoulders and. SABnzbd will restart and you'll be brought to the main web page. Now you have the basics set up, we need to go set up some categories. We're also going to need to save a few things for setting up the other applications, so I'd suggesting opening a new Notepad or Text Edit document that you can paste a few things in, no need to save it, but just to hold some information for later. I'm going to. Screenshot guide to configure CouchPotato with Usenet and Torrents on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Raspberry Pi with uTorrent, Transmission, NZBGet and Sabnzbd

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Configure Sabnzbd Reverse Proxy Windows. Install nginx by downloading their official stable zip file currently version 1.6.2. Unpack it to c:\nginx-1.6.2 by dragging the folder to the C: drive. Open the configuration file in c:\nginx-1.6.2\conf\nginx.conf with Notepad or Notepad++. Find this section and change your server_name localhost to your dynamic dns address and your media server's local. Configuring SABnzbd. This program is going to actually fetch the files that SB and CP find and download them to your server. SickBeard. SB needs to be set up to mange your existing TV Shows, search for new ones and pass its download needs to... Couch Potato. The set up is largely the same for CP as. First we will begin by configuring sabnzbd. in the setup wizard it will prompt you to enter your usenet server information. If this is not done here, it can be done under config>servers. (be sure to test the connection also) Next under config>folders set the following. Temporary Download Folder = /mnt/media/downloads/sabnzbd/incomplet This video is a tutorial how to install a Sabnzbd docker into unRAID and configure it. You will learn how to map it to the correct shares and add 2 usenet pr... You will learn how to map it to the.

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SABnzbd is able to run globally (settings apply to all users) and locally (per user settings). The way of setting up SABnzbd depends on the way it is intended to be used. A local configuration may prove more useful on a desktop system when used by several people simultaneously In order to download those files you need a special download program. SABnzbd is such a download application. SABnzbd will download and repair your nzb files, after which you can use the content. The program is completely free to download and works with Windows, macOS, Linux and a NAS The first thing you want to do is set up SABnzbd for remote control and outside access—most add-ons and external apps won't work without them. Open up your SABnzbd web console and navigate to Config -> General. There you'll find several sub-menus of interest. First look in the SABnzbd Web Server sub-menu. At the bottom of the sub-menu you'll see the key generation interface. Clic SABnzbd Config. rushd. Oct 25th, 2016. 42 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? selftest_host = self-test.sabnzbd.org pre_check = 0 folder_rename = 1 web_color2 = allow_duplicate_files = 0 dirscan_speed = 5 enable_filejoin = 1 create_group_folders = 0 api_key = <HASH>b33231d rating_feedback = 1 no_penalties = 0 load_balancing = 2 rating_filter_abort_video = 0 osx_speed = 1 dirscan_dir.

Click Add Folder to begin mounting each path, and use /config to mount the folder for SABnzbd's configuration files. SABnzbd only needs to see it's own download directory, therefore it makes sense to only need to map /Media/Downloads/Usenet. These are CASE SENSITIVE! Port settings are used to open the container within a browser If you haven't already installed SABnzbd then visit the download site and grab the latest distribution. Step 2 - Configure SABnzbd+ Figure 1 - SABnzbd > Select a Language Select a language and click Start Wizard

If you already have an installation of SABnzbd or have other servers configured, select the SABnzbd Config ⚙ icon at the top right, then select Servers from the top. With Advanced Settings selected, enter the following information: Host: news.astraweb.com (a full list can be found in the Member's Area [solved] sabnzbd configuration. omavoss; Jan 9th 2014; 1; 2 Page 2 of 2; omavoss. Professional. Reactions Received 39 Posts 866. Jan 9th 2014 #21; Hi davidh2k, bitte seid mir nicht böse, ich verstehe nicht die Hälfte von dem, was hier besprochen wird. Ich habe hier 4 identische Hardware-OMV und es hat mich gereizt, SABnzbd mal auszuprobieren. Hat nicht geklappt und ist nicht schlimm. Die 4. Once you access SABnzbd go to the config which can be found in the top right hand corner of SABnzbd. Then go to the folders tab. so can add your folders and set the permissions. These folder settings can be set. Temporary download folder: /downloads/incomplete Completed download folder: /downloads Permissions for completed downloads: 777. Then click Save Changes. Now a needs to be set to.

cd /usr/local/sabnzbd/var cp config.ini /volume1/SHAREDFOLDER It will browse to the var folder Then it will copy config.ini to the SHAREDFOLDER in the volume1 To restore after : cd /volume1/SHAREDFOLDER cp config.ini /usr/local/sabnzbd/var: SABnzbd: SAB can tell Sick Beard directly when a download is done, simply use sabToSickbeard.py/.exe as your default post-processing script for the TV category (and fill in the fields in autoProcessTV.cfg). Other clients: For other clients you will need to configure the TV Download Dir inside Sick Beard and then enable Scan & Process. SB will then watch that folder for new downloads and.

If you want to use SABnzbd as download client for Radarr/Sonarr, please change the downloads location in Folders of SABnzbd config and use /downloads/SABnzbd_d/incomplete for Temporary Download Folder, /downloads/SABnzbd_d/complete for Completed Download Folder. 2. The /downloads folder of SABnzbd binds to /volume1/Download shared folder in NAS, please find downloaded files in that folder. 3. Please set HTTPS port to 9090 in General of SABnzbd config if needed, and access the web UI with. Your configuration file path will now be C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\sabnzbd\sabnzbd.ini. If for some reason you want to delete you Sabnzbd Windows system service, go back in the command prompt as an Administrator and use this command. nssm remove Sabnzbd . You will get a warning about killing your poor defenseless Sabnzbd service, say yes and it will be gone.

I updated my sabnzbd plugin to the latest 2.2.0 version. Since then, most downloads to not get unpacked. I checked my sabnzbd config made sure all looked as it had before, still some downloads work properly, some don't. So I tried manually doing a par2verify 123.par2 then unrar e somedownloaded.. In the Config->Folders page you can specify a folder for the templates. SABnzbd will look for files ending with .tmpl and will send an email message for every template. If you want to use different email formats based on the email recipient, you can use conditional formatting (see example below). Standard template . WARNING do not modify the standard templates, but make a copy in your own.

Version Tags. This image provides various versions that are available via tags. latest tag usually provides the latest stable version. Others are considered under development an I think sabnzbd's post-processing is greedy in that it'll try to do as much as it can given available resources, meaning unless you have a really powerful system you're going to get a bottleneck somewhere (and my guess is if you have a powerful CPU and lots of RAM, you'll max out your IO capacity) If you want to use SABnzbd as download client for Radarr/Sonarr, please change the downloads location in 'Folders' of SABnzbd config and use '/downloads/SABnzbd_d/incomplete' for Temporary Download Folder, '/downloads/SABnzbd_d/complete' for Completed Download Folder. 2. The '/downloads' folder of SABnzbd binds to '/volume1/Download' shared folder in NAS, please find downloaded files in that folder. 3. Please set HTTPS port to 9090 in 'General' of SABnzbd config if needed, and access the web. Introduction. The SABnzbd API can be reached via: http://host:port/sabnzbd/api Request types. Supported output types are json, xml and textjson, xml and tex

Configure Sabnzbd with Mylar. Use Windows Explorer to browse to C:\Mylar\post-processing. Rename this file autoProcessComics.cfg.sample to autoProcessComics.cfg. Now copy both autoProcessComics.cfg and autoProcessComics.py into C:\Mylar\post-processing\sabnzbd. You should now have three files in C:\Mylar\post-processing\sabnzbd. sabnzbd.conf. pcarcade. Jan 24th, 2020. 754 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 1.13 KB . raw download clone embed print report # make sure that your dns has a cname set for sabnzbd # edit the sabnzbd.ini host_whitelist to avoid hostname verification issues. This format: # host_whitelist = sabnzbd.domain.com, www.sabnzbd.domain.com server. Auch bei der Installation von SABnzbd, kann ich den Pfad ändern, er installiert aber trotzdem alles in den Ordner /config..auch die Downloads usw. Ich denke mal das ist das Problem, was ich habe, das ich nicht weiß, wo ich das ändern kann. Das er nicht den Ordner /config nimmt. Sondern irgend ein anderen Ordner, oder Festplatte usw SABnzbd Installation on Ubuntu From AtoMiC ToolKit main menu, select SABnzbd+ with the arrow keys. After you get the right option, press Enter. Select SABnzbd from the GUI menu offered by AtoMiC ToolKit and press Enter

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Radarr Configuration. By. sasquatters - June 28, 2017. 48725. 0. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Pinterest. Radarr is a program available for OSX, Windows, and Linux that is used to automatically search movies, which are then sent to a torrent or newsbin client. It's nice to be able to have all of our movies in digital form so that we do not have to rummage through our giant stack of Blurays. interesting. Here are all the parameters specific to SABnzbd set up: host sets the hostname or IP of your SABnzbd; port sets the port. 8080 is default for HTTP and 9090 is default for HTTPS. ssl enables SSL/TLS when set to True. Default is False. nzbkey is the API Key (was the NZB Key in the past!) from your SABnzbd configuration (General. In this video, I go over downloading docker so we can use some containers to help us get our content. I go over the setup of SABnzbd, radarr and sonarr using.. Sabnzbd VPN - Safe & Easy to Configure engineering works great as a Netflix VPN, If you just want to move geographical restrictions on streaming content such AS BBC iPlayer or Hulu, you don't unnecessarily need a VPN to do so. You just poorness nucleotide proxy service that will make it look away like you're in the reverse country. There are many pass on procurator services purchasable, but do. Running the SABnzbd Configuration Wizard. After the sabnzbdplus installation has finished, you'll be returned to the command prompt. Enter the following command to launch SABnzbd for the first time: sabnzbdplus --server The command starts the SABnzbd daemon and turns on the WebUI. Quite a bit of text will whirl by and then it will hang and give the illusion that the application has.

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  1. -SABnzbd update from GUI (not already built into sabnzbd =[ )-backup/restore config (maybe even logs but config.ini files should be enough at first) WARNING-this could mess up your jail, and possibly stop your FreeNAS gui from working. Be ready to have to reboot or even reinstall FreeNAS from a cd if your GUI gets broken. you've been warned
  2. You can now add an NZB manually or configure SABnzbd to work with your favorite NZB site. Before getting stated you might also want to add more news server addresses. SABnzbd supports multiple news servers and even more than one Usenet provider. Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to view the config menu. You can click on Servers to enter additional NNTP servers.
  3. NzbDrone is the first that we'll install and configure. This application will be managing all of our TV shows. Home; The Ultimate Server Tutorial. Part 1 - Getting Started ; Part 2 - Getting Windows ready; Part 3 - Setting up storage; Part 4 - Newsgroups and SABnzbd; Part 5 - Torrents and Deluge; Part 6 - Setting up sonarr; Part 7 - Using sonarr; Part 8 - CouchPotato; Part 9 - Headphones; Part.
  4. With the responsive Glitter interface, you can access SABnzbd and manage your downloads from any device: desktop, tablet or phone. Others have made Android/iOS (LunaSea), Android (nzb360) and iOS (nzbUnity) apps to manage SABnzbd. Integrates with other tools Apps like Sonarr, SickChill, Radarr, Headphones, Lidarr and more can integrate with SABnzbd and automate your download process. SABnzbd.
  5. Run sabnzbd, couchpotato, and sickrage on docker, on windows. - media_station.ps

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SABnzbd Configuration Quick-Start Wizard. When you open the SABnzbd-frontend for the first time, the Quick-Start Wizard will appear and guide you through the initial installation. First, choose your language of choice and press Start Wizard. In the following step, you'll have to enter the details for your usenet-provider. If you registered with blocknews like me, you can use the settings. Config File Editor is a program that enables you to edit configuration files on your DiskStation without the need for learning command line VI or moving files from and to your DiskStation. When first started, it will copy existing configuration files as a backup. Therefore, if you messed up a configuration file, you can always hit the 'original' button to get the first backup back The purpose of this guide is to explain the configuration of SABnzbd, detailing what options are useful within the USB environment and what you may want to change. Most settings pages will be covered, however a few will not be as I do not recommend you change them. The pages I am not covering in this guide are as follows The sabnzbd integration will allow you to monitor and control your downloads with SABnzbd from within Home Assistant and setup automations based on the information. If SABnzbd is discovered on your network, you can enter your API Key in the Configurator. Press CONFIGURE to do it SABnzbd receives NZB from sickbeard / Couchpotato but does not download Check your newsgroup server details in SABnzbd Config>Servers>; If your newsgroup server is not shown you will need to click add server.; Once you have entered your details and tested connection your queued download should continue to download

SABnzbd+ is a multi-platform binary newsgroup downloader written in Python language. The program works in the background and simplifies the downloading, verifying and extracting of files from Usenet Start SABnzbd. Open the browser and go to the Quick-Start Wizard. Choose your language and start the wizard. Enter the following info for the server, then click Test Server. Host: news.usenetexpress.com; Username: UNE Username; Password: UNE Password; SSL: Enabled; Click the Go to SABnzbd link to finish the setup. Open SABnzbd in your browse Using SABnzbd; NZB Sources; How To's; Known issues; Installation . Windows; macOS; Unix; NAS; From source; Configuration . Configure; General; Folders; Servers; Categories; Switches; Sorting; Notifications; Scheduling; RSS; Special Settings; Scripts . Pre-queue scripts; Post-processing scripts; Notification scripts; Advanced Topics . API Reference; High-Speed Tweaks; HTTPS for the Web U I usually use SabNZBD, Sickbeard, CouchPotato for my system so was wondering if there was some sort of guide for installing and configruing these three via Docker GUI? Many thanks. Quote; flvinny521. Intermediate. Reactions Received 230 Posts 300. Jun 23rd 2018 #2; I don't think there are any guides for those three specifically. If Linuxserver.io has images for them, you can probably figure.

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Copying config.ini and history from old Synology to new Synology? Question - closed. Hi all, thought I'd be smart and simply use Midnight Commander to copy and paste my var folder from my old DS1019+ to the new 1821+ I installed Sab, same version, let it creat it's folders, then stopped the package and copied the config.ini and history over. However the package will not start and checking the. Sabnzbd Sabnzbd . Introduction ; Configuration Options ; Truecommand Truecommand . Introduction ; Configuration Options ; Tvheadend Tvheadend . Introduction ; Configuration Options ; Unifi Unifi . Introduction ; Configuration Options ; Insecure Insecure . Nzbhydra Nzbhydra . Introduction ; Configuration Options ; Stable Stable . Bitwarden Bitwarden . Introduction ; Configuration Option

I am running Sabnzbd in a docker container in my unraid. I have a 1gbp/s connection I used to be able to download at a speed of 100MBp/s+.Now it's only maxing out at 35MBp/s I am downloading to a cache drive that is an NVME drive. I checked the status of my connection and it's only showing my bandwidth as 350mbp/s In the SickRage interface go to CONFIG -SEARCH SETTINGS. Check the box for NZB Search and select Sabnzbd+ from the list. Enter in the details for our SABnzbd install including the SAB API key which you can get from the SABnzbd web page at CONFIG -GENERAL -API. Test and Save changes when done. Next go into SickRage web pages CONFIG - NAMIN According to your docker run command, /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sabnzbd is mapped to /config. This seems correct. So, the /config folder the application sees is actually the /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-sabnzbd folder in unRAID. This is fairly typical of unRAID dockers generally. Unless the application actually has a config folder inside its config folder, there won't be a config folder in your binhex-sab appdata folder emerge net-nntp/sabnzbd Using SABnzbd. Even though SABnzbd installs locally, it runs in the web browser and is a web application. This is good because it means that any computer correctly configured can also access your SABnzbd installation. To start using the program, search for SABnzbd, or SABnzbd+ in the application menu and click on the icon. As you click on it, your default web browser will launch and take you through a setup wizard

This is a guide on how to install and configure a few usenet plugins using freenas. The link to the written guide.https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?thread... The link to the written guide.https. To enable it, you simply need to need to access the Notifications tab from within the SABnzbd Configuration section. SABnzbd Notification Setup. Select the Enable notification script checkbox; Select the Notify.py script from the dropdown list next to the Script categor In Sabnzbd adjust the min free space setting under 'config - folders - minimum free space for temporary downloads folder'. Probably set at least double what you expect the largest single download to be. Another option is to put in a disk using unassigned devices to only use for download processing For Sabnzbd: Host: MYUSERNAME-sabnzbd.cloud.seedboxes.cc Port: 443 API Key: You can get it from the General Settings of Sabnzbd Category: tv (for sonarr - you should create it in Sabnzbd before configuring sonarr) and movies (for radarr - same) Use SSL: Yes. Substitute of course MYUSERNAME with your seedbox username, in lowercase. Test the client and save In the SABnzbd Web Interface, go to settings by pressing the crowbar in the top-right corner. Click on the ' General '-tab and click ' Advanced ' to show advanced settings. Check ' Enable HTTPS '. In the ' HTTPS Certificate ' field enter the path to the server.cert-file (if you stuck to my earlier.

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Should you need to manually edit your config, it will be located in /home/user/.sabnzbd if you used the -f ~/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini CLI option, otherwise it will be in the SABnzbd program directory. Automatically Restart. Below are steps to take to have your SABnzbd instance automatically restart if it crashes, or if the server is rebooted Docker - SABnzbd - Sonarr config? Hi ya all, Does anyone have an Docker/SABnzbd/Sonarr setup working.. Im setting this up but i am having a problem getting the series/tv-shows in the correct map/share on my NAS. Could someone help me on this one it's my first docker setup. Greetzzzz Ad. 19 comments . share. SABnzbd Config General This has been mostly chosen during the Wizard. Nzbget: Conflicting Download Client Category SABnzbd makes Usenet as simple and streamlined as possible by automating everything we can. The initial setup of SABnzbd is now complete. I haven't included any resources for specifying any settings like servers, scheduling or custom folders, you can do this as you would.

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Configure the perfect Usenet configuration with NZBGet and/or SABnzbd for CentOS/Fedora/RedHat! Configure the perfect Usenet configuration with NZBGet and/or SABnzbd for CentOS/Fedora/RedHat! Introduction The two top programs in the Usenet world are NZBGet and SABnzbd. Both of these tools have their strengths and weaknesses. Both of them also have a strong community that chooses one over the. compose. version: 3.7 services: sabnzbd: container_name: sabnzbd image: hotio/sabnzbd ports: - 8080:8080 environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=1000 - UMASK=002 - TZ=Etc/UTC volumes: - /<host_folder_config>:/config. In most cases you'll need to add additional volumes, depending on your own personal preference, to get access to your files docker-compose file for sabnzbd/sonarr/radarr. # this assumes that you have a sibling directory to this file called 'config' that contains all of the config for these services. # then make sure you add each one that you want radarr/sonarr/sabnzbd to see. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub

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At this point, press ctrl + c to close SABnzbd and create the config. Then run the following command: sed -ri s|host_whitelist = (.*)|host_whitelist = $(hostname -f)|g ~/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini. Starting, stopping and restarting. This section covers the SABnzbd process - starting it, stopping it and restarting it. It also covers checking if the process is running, in case that becomes necessary. Wow, what a detailed how to on the installation SABnzbd. Thanks for your efforts jyas80. I must tell you I had to look up just what SABnzbd was and perhaps if you don't know you don't need it I was able to get sabnzbd all setup and configured using this, however, sonarr and radarr are both logging sqllite database errors when they try to start up. I see this post is about a year old now I was wondering if you might know of anything that would need to be updated in those yaml files? I am working with a kubernetes cluster v1.16. and the current version of the sonarr image is 2.0.0.

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Hallo, ich habe Sabnzbd über Docker installiert und eingerichtet. Das Programm läuft, aber ich finde die Ordner nicht. Es existiert ein Freigabeordner Multimedia, den ich aber nirgends in Sabnzbd finde. Selbst die Ordner die Sabnzb mir anzeigt find Tutorial on downloading, configuring, and using the powerful news client, SABnzbd conf.d SABNZBD_USER=sabnzbd SABNZBD_CONF=/opt/sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini # Put the session key from Config > General here SABNZBD_KEY=0ed6ebaab38d00260213f31ee8ff7b2e # Set to the IP and port sabnzbd is listening on # This is needed to stop sabnzbd properly # If you use a username and password to access sabnzbd use user:pass@ip SABNZBD_IP=127.0.0. Setting up an SSL-secured Reverse Proxy for Sonarr/Radarr is much easier, compared to e.g. SABnzbd or Plex. Sonarr and Radarr have all the tools included to map it to a sub-directory, which will allow it to use the same Let's Encrypt SSL-certificate you've generated on the first page of this tutorial. It's built in such a way, that there's need to provide custom certificates

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Downloaders¶. All downloaders have a test button that does a basic connection test to make sure the settings are correct. Usenet¶ Use SABnzbd+¶. If this is ticked the following options become availabl SABnzbd. Disable TV sorting (Config -> Sorting -> Series Sorting) Create a category for TV shows; Configure Sonarr to use the TV category; ensuring the path back to your DroneFactory folder is accurate and reachable (if across a network) Sonarr. The TV category for your download client (if applicable) The Drone Factory folder to be the same as your download client's Completed Download Folder. version: '2.1' services: sabnzbd: image: ghcr.io/linuxserver/sabnzbd container_name: sabnzbd environment: - PUID=1000 - PGID=100 - TZ=Europe/London volumes: - /share/docker/sabnzbd/config:/config.

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Rename 'autoProcessTV.cfg.sample' to 'autoProcessTV.cfg' and open it in a text editor such as notepad. The contents of the file should be as follows (as long as you have followed my directions): [SickBeard] host=localhost port=8081 username= password= web_root= Jump back into SABnzbd and go to the Folders configuration screen $ journalctl -xa -u sabnzbd@maximilian.service [] -- The job identifier is 1419 and the job result is done. Aug 02 12:35:22 Mongo systemd[1]: sabnzbd@maximilian.service: Start request repeated too quickly PS/NB: Bin mir nicht sicher, ob das unter Windows genauso ist (hab ja Linux) aber einige haben SABnzbd ja auf iwelchen Boxen laufen - vielleicht hilft die Info ja noch jemandem PPS: Apropos Linux und SABnzbd - in den meisten Distros scheint's mit dabei zu sein, noch einfacher geht's wirklich nicht

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Welcome! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ.You will have to register before you can post in the forums. (Be aware the forums do not accept user names with a dash -) Also, logging in lets you avoid the CAPTCHA verification when searching NGINX (pronounced as engine-x) is a versatile (reverse) proxy service for Linux which can be used for many purposes. This post gives a relative small and easy example that I use at home for accessing insecure web services in my home. These are: Domoticz Free and opensource Domotica software SABNZBD, Sickbeard & Couchpotato Automation Guide This guide is for fully automating SAB, Sickbeard (SB) and Couchpotato (CP) on a windows PC, but can be used for other platforms. This setup makes. Any user could install sabnzbd into the homedir if they wanted anyway. sabnzbd.conf: Simplified it as you already noticed. This is a personal choice. As said i need the ebuild to install and fire up without me having to change permissions etc. Having the pidfile logfolder etc in the conf is generally a good idea. But with the permission changes happen in init i think it too dangerous exposing. Once your server boots, you'll have SABnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, and Lidarr running at their designated ports (listed above). Go forth, configure, and download! Go forth, configure, and download! If you're having trouble accessing any of the webpages for these apps, make sure you have configured firewalld to allow access to the designated ports, or simply disable firewalld

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